“How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”

Directed by: Gary King

Produced by: Edward Bishop, Marcus Wolf

It’s been some time since we’ve had a good musical for grown ups. But now, director Gary King has hit the spot with, “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song” ‘Winner of Film of the Festival’ award at the 20th Raindance Film Festival.

Joe Schermann, played by the real man himself, is a talented song writer looking for his big break trying to write the perfect song. Evey, his actress girlfriend, is also waiting for her big break. Playing princess dress up parties by day, and starring in a small production by night is not her idea of success. She hopes to be discovered. Admiring Joe’s talent, Evey yearns for her boyfriend to write a song especially for her. Something to give her a needed edge.

Joe pays the bills by teaching singing lessons, and playing piano for musical auditions. This how he meets his muse Summer.

When Joe’s friend Gunther, an agent, finds him a promising job as an off Broadway show writer, Joe’s troubles begin. The show needs a leading lady, and the decision is down to Joe. Will he let loyalty or talent influence his choice?

‘Schermann Song plays out like a fantastic Broadway musical. Amazing catchy songs, and beautiful performances from the entire cast. Joe Shermann on-screen is like a Jessie Eisenberg and Michael C. Hall hybrid.

Possessing the presence of Hall, and the jittery delivery of Eisenberg, Schermann makes a lovable screen character.  Christina Rose is first-rate as Evey. She displays every one of her amazing talents; singing, dancing, acting, etc. The list is endless.

On the whole, ‘Sherman Song is a great movie. It is fantastic on-screen, and we believe it could be just as pleasurable, if not better on stage. It definitely has the staying power to stand up with the existing greats out there.

Musicals are back!

by Karl

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