Holding Hands With Strangers – Sponsume Campaign

Written and Directed by: Rahma Marzak

Produced by: Erich Schultz

‘Holding Hands With Strangers’ is a short film project which resolves around Sofia, a bisexual character analysing the potential of a relationship with a girl whilst gaining interest in a guy. The film will revolve around the aftermath of the encounter with the girl, flirting with the idea of love, the increase of attraction that distance creates, and getting lost between the lines of fantasy and reality as it will cut in between past and present. ‘Holding Hands With Strangers’ will make no excuses or try to explain Sofia’s sexual orientation but will positively present her as a girl just looking for love. The film will look into the little details between the conversation and gestures between the characters and show light on a romance hidden under an alcohol infused night.  The story is real, relatable and will restore your fate in romance.


The concept of Holding Hands with Strangers is set in modern day Britain in London and revolves around Sofia, a naive twenty-something. On the bus journey home after a night out, Sofia tells her flatmates Tim and Rennee and their friend Dave who continuously flirts with Sofia, of a previous romantic encounter which took place months ago. As she reflects up on the romantically charged rendezvous, Sofia is convinced that meeting Erin, an American exchange student whom she briefly met, on a beautiful but alcohol infused summers night, was fate. As she analyses every detail of the night to her friends, who point out the more realistic flaws in the romantically polished scenario of the encounter, Sofia slowly starts to realise that she may have been wrong about her feelings for Erin, whilst growing fond of Dave, who is sat next to her on the bus. By the end of the journey Sofia is almost convinced that meeting Erin was nothing more than a simple encounter. Or wait, was it?

Most of the film will take place on a London Bus. In order to hire such a bus plus a driver, we are looking at a lot of money £1000, besides from the bus, actors, crew and equipment all need to be transported. A venue needs to be hired for the characters to meet and as all of it takes place at night, lights will need to be hired plus this is London, and London is noisy therefore a professional Sound mixer will need to come in and save the day!

Click here to find out more about this project, the perks, and to donate.

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